About us


Carlijn (Karlyn) and Jurriaan (Hubens) met each other in 2019, they quickly learned they both had a love for music. After recording some mixtapes it was clear they loved the same music and vibe. Ever since that year, they have been performing together as Hubens and Karlyn.

When only 12 years old, Hubens got his hands on his first turntable on which he played electronic music mostly techno. This style evolved towards dub techno and Detroit minimal. Karlyn prefered to play tech-house, progressive house music. They combined the energetic tech-house sound with some minimal and progressive influences. Their style ranges from warm loving deep house grooves to the fast-paced (early) tech-house sound for more warehouse moments. The love for the groove can be found in their music, which is warm, energetic, uplifting beats with warm synthesizers.